Shop History

A Little Shop History

After we moved in to our new shop a staff member (thank you Sherry) found the below skevington photograph.
So we thought we might investigate a little more about the history of our shop.
The below is what we found.
If anyone has anymore ptures or information please let us know, we would like to see them.

Previously number 30 Pier Avenue
Mr. Drake a Plumber possibly
1901-1902 Electric Fruit Stores
1920-1945 ish Skevingtons
1945ish Canler & Leighton
Downs Gowns - Dress Shop
Clacton Market Shop

Previously number 31 Pier Avenue
Clacton Times
which was started in 1889 by Abraham Quick which became Clacton Graphic.
Clacton Graphic, traded approx 1913 to 1956
Weston's, tobacconists 1956
Clacton Gazette 1974

91 - 93 As a whole shop front
Up to 1989 Ladbrokes Betting office
1989 Juicy Fruits, another greengrocer
Best Wishes
2009 -2010 The Gift Box
Shop empty from 2010-2012
2012 bought from Ian Quick - Present. Clacton Art, Craft & Model Centre.


Essex County Council was formed in 1889 and early newspapers covered a wide geographical area.

The first newspaper in Essex was the Essex Weekly News founded in 1862.

Clacton-on-Sea was founded in 1871 and newspapers began to serve much smaller local areas.

Abraham Quick formed Clacton Times in 1889 and Clacton Graphic which was trading in 1895.

in 1923 CLACTON GRAPHIC NEWSPAPER had NO 2200 newspaper.



Above Picture 1980's Ladbrokes Betting Office (Thanks to Janet and Clacton History Society for tracking this down. With Magnet House being built in the background.

Above Picture 1980's Greengrocer (Thanks to Nigel Johnson for tracking this down)

2009 -2010 The Gift Box

Anyone with dates to confirm or add to the above pleas e-mail us: